Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Sometimes I spare you a post of my progress because it's so BORING -
All my lower level rooms have these glass block windows and they are a mess !! Each one has to have all the cruddy old concrete - or heavily sanded grout - chiseled out.

Then I fill all the sides with foam insulation. This expands and cures over 24 hours - I then go back with a razor and trim all the excess.

Next I cover all the edges and old grout joints with white latex caulking.
After another 24 hours - back again to trim all the excess..........

I then paint....this was a sample color of blue which I am NOT going to use in the studio....but I figure the windows will need two coats so I am using it as a base coat.
Very boring, I know, and THAT'S why I haven't posted
(and of course - when the sun shines - you know I'm in the garden)