Sunday, April 19, 2009


Some of you may remember last July my girls came for a visit. They were great help! Here, Carrie is washing the old upper cabinets from the Church Ladies' big kitchen. I commented that I didn't have time to paint them but it really didn't matter as it was just my working studio - no one would see them. WELL..... now that has all changed and it is going to be my hat shop now I am trying to make things a bit prettier.

I found this green print that I used in my last shop and I decided to skirt all those shelves - hiding all the crap - I mean, wonderful inventory.
I LOVE this print - it is so perfect with Grandma's dressing table skirts. And also found this wonderful stripe which will go on chairs.
When I say "found" I mean found in my closet
(Yeah...kind of a fabric junkie)

Yes - Ladies and Gentlemen - 22 lineal feet of shelving now skirted with fabric ...washed - starched and ironed - hemmed and gathered and hung on cafe rods.

Maybe next you'll see the TOPS of the shelves

But I am making headway - Decided to hang all the photos down here - they make me smile and keep me company

My children are my tonic.

I'm on a roll !!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Some of you know that I was in Chicago for some days and I found a great source for used art........ they liquidate hotel furniture. I don't want the art - I just want the multiple frames - it was perfect!!

And had to hit Ikea on the way home

Well, the natives are getting restless as I have been MIA. It is that wonderful time of the year - banks, appraisers, taxes, etc, etc. I have also been spending many hours preparing my soon-to-open Etsy shops. I need to get working so I can adorn St. Mary's in a manner to which she plans on becoming accustomed.

I am building the vanity in the guest bath and though I know conventional wisdom says "NO THEMED ROOMS" I'm doing a bit of that anyway.......... as many of you know - I lived part-time on the island of Anguilla - it's in my blood.

Besides - it's not like this is a normal home anyway !


Stay tuned

Friday, April 10, 2009


However you choose to spend your holiday
Mr. Wiggs and I send you our best wishes