Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Okay, Okay - I plagerized that title from my friend John....it was a year ago this month ( OH MY - it was LAST month) when he and his wife Karen visited. My daughter had set up my blog and named it St. Mary - and I never did another thing. John showed me how to down load photos and upload to the blog - or is it the other way around..........whatever.......and here I am.
Summer is definitely over ...vacation is over...anyone else feeling a bit depressed? Wandering aimlessly through the garden yesterday, pulling a weed or two , looking for a renegade tomato or zucchini, I realized I needed to "let it go". STEP AWAY FROM THE VEGETABLE PATCH.
I have many unfinished projects - things left undone for one reason or another (mainly one reason - I didn't want to do anything inside when I could be outside), So, I am back on the renovation track. Loading the camera with new batteries, making my to-do list , making the shopping list .

I've already eaten all the Halloween candy so I may as well get to work.