Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mission at St. Mary

When the ladies arrived, with tools and plants from their gardens, I said "The Marines have landed"!! They went at my weeds with a vengeance. Jayne ( here from Alabama with Twinkle) did the entire perimeter with that weed whacker - it never looked so good.
Another Jane (friends since college) - from Chicago - this is her idea of working in the garden.

Diane - the garden is her favorite place - except when it's 90 degrees....the heat was relentless.

Bertie (another college friend and Jane's sister) - giving my tomatoes some much needed TLC.

Marcia is a wonderful gardener - we've been friends since we were 14.

Patty , and below her is Mary Kay..... amazing friends.... we go back to when we were 10. And actually I don't think we've changed a bit.

Consultation with The Tin Man.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mission at St. Mary

Align CenterThese are just random snaps taken during the week.......some beautiful faces of people I love

( OK - that's me )

Michael and Meghan (both from Laguna Beach) Looking like characters in a Bob Fosse movie


Taste Master/Guardian Angel Diane from Laguna Beach, CA

Darling Randy - Contractor from California

My Meggie

Meghan's oh-so-darling Arnn from Laguna

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mission at St. Mary

This dear friend Nancy made it her personal mission to finish my ( well, actually START and finish) my ceiling before all the others arrived. I had been down with vertigo since June 1, and was under threat of death if I climbed the scaffolding. We decided - after trial and error and listening to both solicited and UN-solicited advice that we would chip away all the loose paint but not try to strip the whole ceiling. If it was still hanging on tight - we decided it will probably outlive me anyway. So it was scraped , treated with a rust prohibitor, primed with a metal primer and painted with aluminum paint. Sweet girlfriend looked like the Tin Man.

Nancy's Fearless Son Hunter

The Tin Man

and her Sweet Daughter Stevie


(and speechless)

"I get by with a little help from my friends"


This was a birthday like no other:
I turned 60 last month and was wanting to do something monumental - I mean, who wouldn't right? My dear friend, Twinkle, cooked up this scheme.......she had visited last summer and loved the church and knew it would be years before I could ever finish it so she set out to organize a "mission trip" - Mission at St. Mary. Well, it took on a life of it's own and over the next week or two I will bring you up to date.
My friends and family gave me the most amazing birthday E V E R .