Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I had been tossing and turning  and debating for months  -  trying to figure out an affordable way to finish my kitchen counters and back splash.   Finally it came to me - well in regards to the back splash anyway.  I had a basement full of the original bead board that is the wainscoting in the main room.  These were the pieces removed from the altar/now kitchen and the wall that is now sliding doors.  Now remember, this is the OLD stuff !!  One board at a time........I must have cut hundreds of pieces and fit them together - or banged them together if need be.

It actually was a great solution !  It was free ! and I could do it myself.  Wood is much more forgiving than stone or tile so I can change my mind when I want to hang things or re-arrange things.  Also - because my ceiling is low (only 7 1/2  ft) I had to get short upper cabinets and that made for a bigger than normal back splash.   I had thought of a darker glass tile but realized that a high contrast in color there would make the cabinets looks too little.  I think all this white on white on white - in my specific space - works well.

Next I started with the nightmares over counter tops.

Monday, July 29, 2013


Good morning
I have realized I have taken very few photos of the house as I knew I wouldn't be posting......I mean really, lock yourself out of your own blog.  So these are a couple from last Christmas - I finally got that huge old church piano into the room.

Christmas in July !

Sunday, July 28, 2013



In the past (almost ) two years I have had most of my email accounts and credit cards hacked or compromised.  In the course of cancelling and/or changing passwords I have basically locked myself out of my blogs.  Somehow, today, the planets all aligned and I am back.  Little by little I will bring you up to speed with the happenings since my great birthday gathering.  I'll also figure out all these new formats but that may take  a bit longer as this is my absolutely busiest time of the year ......
I love the early morning sunlight coming through the stained glass.

and I had begun hanging artwork on the walls.