Saturday, July 25, 2009


I'll bet you are going to wish you had dinner with me tonight......

my garden just gets better and better and I am actually on my second planting

Who Knew ??

I can't even begin to tell you how much I love working in the garden and picking the food for dinner.....

okay, okay.... a few weeds - whatever

I had this great idea....since I have purple basil and red Swiss chard - I would make a "RED" pesto !! I julienned the zucchini from the garden and tossed it with the red pesto and a bit of cheese - and some slivers of the chard leaves...

I am not a "foodie" or a photographer - but it was really tasty - and HEALTHY !!

I was also ready to try stuffed squash blossoms..
since I am vegan - no egg batter would do so I tried half with a tempura like batter and half sprayed w/ olive oil and broiled

They were wonderful - but not FABULOUS.....
so I will have to perfect this.

But don't you wish you had dinner with me?

Friday, July 10, 2009


Just a little progress report:

we had some major front line winds this morning - lots of branches down. The sad thing is the farmers' beautiful corn crop was flattened in many areas......
yesterday it was 5 ft tall - today it's 10".

this huge branch didn't break completely and is swinging in the breeze - the neighbors refer to this as "a widow maker"


Remember my friend who gave me the lilies?

She hybridizes them so every single one is different - each a new surprise...... I planted about 125.

everyday gives me is a new present

how lucky am I ?

PLUS - the veggies are coming in !!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


From the moment I arrived at my church I have felt a "presence". Many friends were concerned about my living alone, isolated and so far away from them but I have never felt frightened or worried. In fact, I have always felt protected in my home.

One day I met a local woman who used to go to church here.....she is also a medium - or a channeler. She told me there was an elderly woman who resides here with me. She used to be a "church lady" years and years ago.....she cleaned the place and picked up after the Pastor, maybe did his laundry. She tidied up after the church suppers or meetings.....just basically took care of anything and everything. My new friend told me she just likes to stay here - she isn't ready to leave. I'm told she's happy with me and likes what I'm doing here....we live together quite comfortably. She takes care of me and helps me find things in this mess and boy, do I need that! Over 4000 sq. ft of mayhem - can you imagine losing your car keys in that !?! Once I needed my WD40 but didn't even know where to begin looking - it literally fell from the ledge onto my feet. It became so apparent that "someone" was helping me - I just laugh and say "Thank You, I don't know who you are - but Thank You"

A friend sent me an article after hearing my story with a note attached that said "I think I know who your ghost is". The story was titled "Every Church Needs a Martha" and went on to say Marthas know where the keys are and the cash box, and Marthas clean-up after the dinners etc etc. Well, for those of you who know your Bible - you will know Martha was Mary Magdalen's sister................hmmmmmmm.

That night I turned off the lights and said "Goodnight.......and I think you are Martha. Unless you tell me differently - I will assume I am right" Haven't had any reason to change my thinking - and she continues to help me along, though for the last months she just sits in the rocking chair and watches me working in the garden. It's a classic Bentwood friend tells me she and my mother fight over it.........

"I was here first"
"No - I was"
"You got to sit there yesterday"
"So - you sat there longer"

aahhhh - kids.