Friday, January 7, 2011


It is so hard to believe that it's almost two years since I first put these cabinets together. The doors were missing - it took a month to get that straightened out....and then things just came to a stop. That was a hard year. And the blogging stopped. This is going to be a great year , I feel it in my bones. When I review my life I see that I seem to live it by decades.....this will be a new decade and a new beginning.

I reconciled with the fact that I couldn't afford marble or granite - the island is almost 12 feet long - by 4 feet wide. I found a tile that is huge and looks like slate and was very reasonable...I can get the job done and always change it down the road as it is an affordable DIY. My neighbor is helping with this stage as it's a bit "big" for me. But he has limited time so it may be another week - but I promise to keep posting the updates.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

FROM THE DESK OF..........

Lots of things going on in the church - and I'll post some pics tomorrow. In the meantime I wanted to give you this visual. This is my new when I write a post for the blog remember that I am speaking from the pulpit.