Saturday, February 28, 2009


The week has flown by and I have nothing to show for it. But I have been busy, really - I have been hard at work. My studio is still a disaster area. It is open to the front entrance which is drafty and I have put off working in there because it was FREEZING. The stairway is a wind tunnel. This week had some warm afternoons I am on it. My goal is to post photos of my fabulous workspace this weekend

This is the lovely Genevieve. I can't put that accent over the "e" so just say it like Maurice Chevalier. She lived in my grandmother's and mother's hat shop. Grandma would let me "do" her windows and as young as five - I remember putting hats and jewelry on Genevieve.

She had a terrible fall in the sixties and I repaired and repainted her - so that face was done by a 12 year old with a magic marker.

I unpacked her yesterday and found that she did not travel well. I don't know if it was the move or the moisture from the leaking trailer - but she needs major surgery.

I would imagine she is from the 40's......but I'll never know.
Someday I may reproduce her and handpaint a different face on each one - what do you think?

See you later!

Friday, February 20, 2009


There's no Spring in the air.......but there is in my heart. I've told you all before - I pretty much live in a fantasy world. So I am planning my garden. My new friends here are lending me books and advising me along the way.

I LOVE the Flower Fairies. Since this whole midwest gardening thing is new to me - I am really going to keep a, REALLY I am !!

No more tropicals for moi.

But tulips and peonies and violets

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I know the weather man says it's still below zero - but I am MOVIN' ON.

Mr. Wigs has been in the lower level - scaring the crap out of the workmen for too long.......he needs to take his rightful place in the Great Room (or should it be the Grand Salon?) and welcome in the SPRING.

That's our plan and we're sticking to it.

I know a gentleman would never sit on the table but he just needs to stretch a bit.

We've both been MIA along with the cabinet doors.....just been in a slump. But today is a new day and we are up to the challenge. I've had a bit of flack from my fans (okay friends and family) because I haven't posted for too long. I think my daughter may have even been shaking her finger at me over the phone....gee, wonder where she learned THAT ?

Anyway - WE'RE ON IT !! More later

Sunday, February 8, 2009


just playin'........ but sometimes I need to take a break and do someting pretty..........

I finished assembling the cabinets for the island - but the doors were MISSING. I can't believe it ! 7 doors !! So now I have to deal with THAT.

The island will be almost 12' long with a double sink at one end and the cook top on this end.

I haven't decided what I am going to use on the top

but at least these are done and the hall is clear again - now I just have to get those doors!

For Kris-Tell-Klear :

here's the full view of the altar rail - it's 12' long

the altar itself is long gone - it was a simple raised platform - this was the only thing worth saving........and the lectern which will be used in the future.

Monday, February 2, 2009


I needed a break from cabinet building - had to work a different set of muscles. This is the altar rail which I saved and have future plans for - but in the meantime - while I'm finalizing a design for bookshelves - I am using this. It's about 12 feet long so I have filled the bottom and just stacked the larger books and surplus on the top.....tempting to leave it this way.


I'm feeling pretty good about this. My friend John said to stop being creative and know that it has been engineered to go together as the directions indicate. Pay attention and follow the steps. You've probably surmised that he's an engineer.

Next he'll tell me to color inside the lines.

(but he's right you know)

Sunday, February 1, 2009


There was a wildcat stike on my desk - everything mechanical walked off the job after my last post.

The next day my best partner-in-crime from SoCal came to visit and we had an 8 day pajama party - how lucky are we??

She is a wonderful designer and slapped me around for being cranky and we did great work - sorting things - clearing off the backgammon table, placing art and finding the Scrabble game - all of equal importance.

Now she is gone and I had the computer fixed and am back on task.
Though I'd rather being doing something more glamorous, I am actually excited that I am going to assemble the cabinets for my island in the kitchen.

It is a bit scary - but I know I can do it - I just have to go slow because I am still not that strong. I THINK I am - but, no.
It's also hard for me to get down on the floor.......actually it's hard to get UP from the floor and tomorrow I will strap on the knee pads.
Getting old is creepy.

I have faith - take time to read the
DIRECTIONS (man, I hate that) and it will all work out.

That's all for today

What I really want is this.