Sunday, April 19, 2009


Some of you may remember last July my girls came for a visit. They were great help! Here, Carrie is washing the old upper cabinets from the Church Ladies' big kitchen. I commented that I didn't have time to paint them but it really didn't matter as it was just my working studio - no one would see them. WELL..... now that has all changed and it is going to be my hat shop now I am trying to make things a bit prettier.

I found this green print that I used in my last shop and I decided to skirt all those shelves - hiding all the crap - I mean, wonderful inventory.
I LOVE this print - it is so perfect with Grandma's dressing table skirts. And also found this wonderful stripe which will go on chairs.
When I say "found" I mean found in my closet
(Yeah...kind of a fabric junkie)

Yes - Ladies and Gentlemen - 22 lineal feet of shelving now skirted with fabric ...washed - starched and ironed - hemmed and gathered and hung on cafe rods.

Maybe next you'll see the TOPS of the shelves

But I am making headway - Decided to hang all the photos down here - they make me smile and keep me company

My children are my tonic.

I'm on a roll !!


  1. Mary, it looks W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L!! Wow you rock my friend!! I can't wait to buy a hat from you. Sending you many hugs....xoxo

  2. What sweet, sweet daughters to help you clean! (She's adorable too btw!)
    Love the green print! And the stripe- a perfect fit! Now, you "found" that stripe in the closet too?? Maybe a fabric store is in your future too!! It looks great Mary! Can't wait to see your hats!

  3. Mary's Back!
    Love the skirting, how can you "find" that much fabric? You must have huge closets!
    I love the shot of the sewing machine w/ the photos, very very lovely!

  4. You definitely are - fantastic, love the fabric covered shelves like that. xv

  5. Looks good. I'm a fabric (and book) junkie too! Considering rehab.

  6. BRAVO!

    I look forward to seeing the tops of the shelves ... adorned with hats?

    Very cool. Your girls are awesome and so are you!

  7. wow, looks fantastic! the green is fresh and pretty without distracting for the amazing space. Loving the photo area.
    your home is amazing!

  8. Oh Mary, all of your hard work is making me feel like I don't do enough around here! I love your skirted shelving. What pretty colors you've chosen. I'm on my way to check out the hats now!!!
    Best wishes for a lovely weekend!


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