Saturday, July 25, 2009


I'll bet you are going to wish you had dinner with me tonight......

my garden just gets better and better and I am actually on my second planting

Who Knew ??

I can't even begin to tell you how much I love working in the garden and picking the food for dinner.....

okay, okay.... a few weeds - whatever

I had this great idea....since I have purple basil and red Swiss chard - I would make a "RED" pesto !! I julienned the zucchini from the garden and tossed it with the red pesto and a bit of cheese - and some slivers of the chard leaves...

I am not a "foodie" or a photographer - but it was really tasty - and HEALTHY !!

I was also ready to try stuffed squash blossoms..
since I am vegan - no egg batter would do so I tried half with a tempura like batter and half sprayed w/ olive oil and broiled

They were wonderful - but not FABULOUS.....
so I will have to perfect this.

But don't you wish you had dinner with me?


  1. I like the church.

    Russ (Blogger next blog)


    satire and theology

  2. i would eat all my veggies if i could have dinner with you!!!!

  3. Oh that sounds like the epitome of summer. Veggie plants rife with produce....looks like a delicious meal (well, I dunno about eating squash blossoms...but they would make a lovely arrangement!)

  4. I DO wish I had dinner with you! Your garden looks so abundant, healthy and happy! Oh, fried sqash blossoms... yum!

    How long have you been a vegan? I couldn't do it.. gotta have my beef and eggs! (we do eat orgainc though) I would think the hard part though is the cooking part, like you mentioned trying to make something without eggs, that must be a challenge.

  5. It is no fun having dinner on your own, we will all come and have dinner with you :-)

    Leeann x

    ps the garden is looking great, well done and nothing tastes as good as veggies that you have grown yourself!

  6. Oh Mary your garden and dinner looks so wonderful! If I lived nearby the table would have been set for 2, you and me!! My poor garden hasn't produced much of anything except for a few strawberries the squirrels beat me to. Smile.... xoxo

  7. Yes, your garden looks fantastic and inviting. You are wrong. The zucchini and pesto makes you look like both a foodie and a photograper. I DO wish I was having dinner with you. I've never had the opportunity to try squash blossoms but heard they are great.

    Oh yeah, if you here something rustling around in your garden's not me.

  8. Red pesto sounds delicious.

    There's nothing like real food fresh from a garden. It makes supermarket food seem so sad by comparison.


  9. Sounds deeelish! Hey I'm a vegan too! And I (we) are restoring an old cottage. Nothing on the scale of your place but an adventure none the less. Your garden and blog are gorgeous. Nice to meet you.


  10. would love to meet you next time your in chicago!
    I would love to see your place.... I love reading your updates. I wish my garden was as beautiful and large as day:)

  11. Red pesto! How cool is that? Looks dee-lish!!

    Thanks for you kind comment in the discussion on "comments". We all do have to find our rhythms.

  12. I´m so happy to have found your blog because all you do in your garden is pretty much the same I do, more or less. And I´m so happy mother earth and her gifts are guiding you into the strength of her nature.
    I´ll come back to your blog to see how vegetables grow and give you happiness.
    María Cecilia, from Chile, southamerica

  13. Your garden looks awesome and the dinners look great too!


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