Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Baby steps with a HUGE impact........
This will really be appreciated by my friends and family who have visited me. As most of you know - I am currently living in the lower level of the church while I s l o w l y finish the upper level. This will eventually be a guest suite - but for now it's my full-time living quarters. It will be wonderful for guests but is a bit crowded for my all day, everyday life.
Yesterday I put together a new bookcase - and cleared the table.........the table where I kept everything, and worked, ate , blogged, scanned, printed, read, ...need I go on ? Everything ( and more!) in that bookcase was on this kitchen table .
I have always planned for this bookcase - but never had the opportunity to pick one up until now. The placement faces the seating area of the suite and hides the side of the refrigerator - and we always love to do that !
AHHHH - it's a good day.


  1. I'm sure it seems slow to you, but actually you've been making steady progress. I salute you!!

    Nice bookcase. Nice space. You will prevail!

  2. Ahhh...that wonderful feeling of putting things in their places! I did the same thing last night and it felt great ;)

  3. gotta love the baby steps!!
    I hear ya on that..... my bath room lavatory is in the garage, has been since last summer... still trying to select the tile and the remaining items for the bathroom.. ugH HHHH hope to be done by this summer:)
    in the mean time, i will be brushing my teeth in the kitchen!


  4. Oh I'll bet that feels wonderful! Just think...soon you will! be spreading your wings in the top floor. Can't wait to see that

  5. Baby steps my Bootie! I have been following you for a while & I am AMAZED at your progress! You turned this incredible beautiful church into an incredible beautiful home! Not finished? That's okay. Even if it takes you a lifetime, I am sure worth every minute.
    LOVE the bookshelf...looks very inviting. Keep it up my Dear...and keep us posted more often! Miss your postings :)

  6. It looks like it was always there- A perfect spot. It sure feels good when things start to find their home. xo

  7. Ahh, the journey is just as important as the destination! Remember to savor the ride.

  8. I just found your blog and I think you ARE AWESOME. I love what you are doing and i can totally appreciate the babystep approach- unless you win the lottery and can have someone come in and do it all! We are also renovating our house- bought on a foreclosure- sat empty for 5 years with windows open, etc....but it is coming along. Some projects have had maximum impact and others are smaller but also necessary. Keep up the great work. I'll be watching!



This is a huge project - your interest in St. Marys keeps me energized and I love hearing from you