Friday, December 31, 2010


When most people think of Magpies - they think of a chatterbox. This is true - they are noisy - but they also LOVE shiny, sparkly things and will steal jewelry and like to keep their gems in their nests....I've always thought I'm a bit of a magpie. And though I am usually a bit more restrained, when it comes to Christmas I fully subscribe to the "Pirate's Booty School of Decorating" . The china cabinets are dripping with sparkle and the tree looks more and more like a chandelier. Tomorrow, while I watch college football I will take everything down - so one last look - good bye 'til next year.

I learned last year that I have to decorate the top of the tree from the loft - so here we go......... as you know, the ceiling is an issue and the paint is literally falling off. But it wasn't until I took these photos that I saw the perfect angel flying along with my angel on top of the tree. Do you see her? Very special. So now I think I want to keep that one tin white with her always there........

Then it's slowly moved across the room and finished. This year - the angel fell off the tree - her wings are heavy and I was trying to straighten her - whatever........I let it go for a day and then couldn't stand it so I pulled this 15 foot , fully decorated tree back to the loft - went upstairs and tied her on with a ribbon - and dragged the whole thing back. Didn't lose a thing

As you can see I have begun plastering. I had first repaired the bead board wainscot and the chair rail and had planned on posting photos of all this but lost everything in a hard drive meltdown. I started in this corner because I SO, SO, SO wanted to get this dear antique off the floor. I'm still experimenting with color as it changes all day when the sun moves and shines through the different colors of the windows. I have said that when it comes to Christmas I love to revisit the scene in Goonies when they finally find One Eye Willie and all his treasures....jewels just dripping from everything. YEP I'm a secret pirate.


  1. The tree is incredible! I've missed you, too. Happy 2011! Much love ... xx

  2. Beautiful! I want to make sure I saw the same angel- is she towards the right of the one on the tree? Ohhh... I too am so happy you are back. I just love your home!!! Warm wishes for a brighter and golden 2011 my friend!!! xo

  3. Your place is coming along fabulously!! Love your tree! and that angel in the ceiling tin... amazing!
    Have a wonderful 2011 and I am so happy you are back! i was worried when you didn't come back sooner, but so glad you are back

  4. So excited to see you post not one but three postings this month! WHERE have you been dear sweet Mary? Hope you will have time in 2011 to write more. Also love to see the progress of your beautiful home♥

  5. LOVE!!!! I need to come visit you and the church!


This is a huge project - your interest in St. Marys keeps me energized and I love hearing from you