Tuesday, June 28, 2011


A funny thing happened on the way to finishing my kitchen island:

I got a job. It's the age old story - if you have the time ( not working ) you don't have the money.....if you have the money - you don't have the time.

I am thrilled with my new job but it has taken all my time.....however, I seem to be reaching that level playing field where I may get to do both. This speaks volumes of what's ahead.


  1. Hey there Stranger!
    I know what you mean! Happy for you about the job. hopefully you will find some time to blog about it. I would love to see some pics on the house too. Been a while :) Love to you♥

  2. I knew there would be a new post. Who said bWIk wasn't psychic. I can't wait for my visit in a few months. You go girl!


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