Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I think I'll just keep a kettle on all day. The wind chill was -20 when I woke-up ..... and may get to -40 on Thursday. I think today's project has to be sealing little cracks and insulating around old drafty windows - oh yeah.
This wonderful tea kettle was painted by a local High School student and I found it at an art festival. LOVE the student exhibitions!
Stay warm - stay cool - whatever.......


  1. Baby, it's coooolldd outside! Iowa is so much warmer (hah!) -8 degrees, but the sun is shining;}

  2. Our temps are supposed to drop about 20 degrees today! Your cold artic air is making its way down to us. Burrrr is right. Stay warm, my friend!

  3. Oh yes it is cold out! My love went out this morning and just came in to say the temp has dropped. Thank goodness for a couple of hours of sun.
    Mary I mentioned to my friends in Woodstock that if you ever get the chance to visit they have to give you VIP treatment!
    Stay warm today! Do you have a little pup to keep at your feet?

  4. Thank you all for cozy thoughts. I'm trying to stay warm but.....my poor car is still covered with salt from last week so I spent 1 1/2 hours digging out the driveway and drove to the carwash - 10 miles - and it was CLOSED because the doors were FROZEN SHUT. Gotta laugh.

  5. Those temperatures are beyond anything I've ever experienced!

    When it's cold here I find the warmest place to sit is right next to the airing cupboard!

  6. I'm in the Deep South and it's frigid! I'm sipping on my hot coffee now!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I do enjoy company! I can't wait to see what kind of office you set up in your foyer--or in your case, the vestibule!

  7. Note to Mary, do not wash car today!!!!
    stay warm!

  8. ssssssss
    that is the whistle of my tea kettle - tea time!
    stay warm!

  9. thanks all - it's getting colder ! Schools have closed tomorrow and maybe Friday too
    Joan - you made me laugh out loud

    pve design - welcome and thanks for the heat!!

    Granny - I'll have to wait until the vestibule thaws - but it will be worth it

    Ralph - you don't WANT to know this cold

  10. Mary, I love that you support student art. My daughter is an artist and has donated her work to charity auctions since she was 10, believe it not. It thrills her when someone buys her pieces.

    I'm sorry it's so cold. I called a good friend who lives in Northern Wisconsin this morning. She said the wind chill is 26 BELOW. LOL Have a great weekend!


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