Tuesday, August 25, 2009


OKAY ........why has blogger changed stuff - right when I don't have time to figure it out ????HELP
SO I spent the summer in the garden and visiting friends - remember this arbor I was building?  It is so loaded I am afraid it will tip over with the first wind.  so I am saying goodbye to my garden and to you - for a bit......I am leaving in the morning for three weeks in South Africa...I would love to have you come along:   http://www.theafricanqueens,blogspot.com/
see you in a few ....behave yourselves while I'm gone !!


  1. South Africa? How wonderful is that!

    That arbor is just replete with growing wonder! Amazing!

    Have a safe trip...is that a new blog you have created for your trip?

    Off to take a peek!

    Bon Voyage!

  2. I'M SOOOOOO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! Can't believe tomorrow is the big day! Hope everything about the trip is wonderful, fun and fabulous-- and how can it not be since you'll be there!! Can't wait to see all the photos from you & Twinkle!
    Stay safe, take good care, and I'll be thinking of you!! Bon Voyage Mary! Have a Wonderful, Wonderful time!

  3. Have a lovely trip! Have fun, Be safe & behave... that's what I tell my girls, you don't have to behave but you must be safe & have fun! Can't wait to hear of the adventure!

  4. Africa? You do things in abig way. One of my friends will be there soon. She and her husband are setting up a biodiesel plant/farm, village school, medical care and food co-op. In Ghana, I think. I will put African Queen on my feed. Look forward to your stories when you return.

  5. Mary- whaaat? I was wondering where you were I figured you were busy. Now I know busy planning a trip. Yes take me with you!! Safe travels my sweet friend!

    PS you have the greenest thumb that I know! xoxoxoxo.....

  6. I'm soooo envious! Have a wonderful trip. Godspeed.


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