Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mission at St. Mary

This dear friend Nancy made it her personal mission to finish my ( well, actually START and finish) my ceiling before all the others arrived. I had been down with vertigo since June 1, and was under threat of death if I climbed the scaffolding. We decided - after trial and error and listening to both solicited and UN-solicited advice that we would chip away all the loose paint but not try to strip the whole ceiling. If it was still hanging on tight - we decided it will probably outlive me anyway. So it was scraped , treated with a rust prohibitor, primed with a metal primer and painted with aluminum paint. Sweet girlfriend looked like the Tin Man.

Nancy's Fearless Son Hunter

The Tin Man

and her Sweet Daughter Stevie


(and speechless)

"I get by with a little help from my friends"


  1. PHENOMENAL!!! And what great great friends, and a beautiful legacy they left!!

  2. Gorgeous!!
    That's exactly how I just did my kitchen ceiling (and my painter from work did it for me!) so that is how the professionals do it!

    It looks absolutely fabulous! and you have awesome family and friends!!

  3. Linda - isn't that the truth ?!

    Callie - so excited to know we made the right decision and can't wait to tell Nancy a.k.a. The Tin Man

  4. well looky who's back!

    the ceilings are amazing mary. and so are your friends.

    cannot wait to see the progress.

  5. Oooh Mary- your friends are amazing!! I do hope they put their initials in the corner of the ceiling. Simply beautiful! Sorry about the off balance thing going on. Happy belated birthday too!! xo

  6. I am soooo happy to see these photos! What fabulous, amazing friends you have. Takes one to have them, so I'm thinking you must be pretty fabulous too!

    again... Happy Birthday Miss Mary! I'm thrilled for the progress, for the church and for you!!



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