Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mission at St. Mary

When the ladies arrived, with tools and plants from their gardens, I said "The Marines have landed"!! They went at my weeds with a vengeance. Jayne ( here from Alabama with Twinkle) did the entire perimeter with that weed whacker - it never looked so good.
Another Jane (friends since college) - from Chicago - this is her idea of working in the garden.

Diane - the garden is her favorite place - except when it's 90 degrees....the heat was relentless.

Bertie (another college friend and Jane's sister) - giving my tomatoes some much needed TLC.

Marcia is a wonderful gardener - we've been friends since we were 14.

Patty , and below her is Mary Kay..... amazing friends.... we go back to when we were 10. And actually I don't think we've changed a bit.

Consultation with The Tin Man.


  1. WOW, Mary I was looking at the last couple of post. Your home is coming along so beautiful. Thank goodness for family and friends. xo

  2. how fun to have friends to help with the garden! I need those kinds of friends!

  3. you are one LOVED lady my friend!!



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