Saturday, March 7, 2009


I have DADD :
Designer Attention Deficit Disorder

I am jumping around from room to room depending on what gets delivered - or which rooms are warm....
so today was my little kitchen in the guest suite

I am living in this 450 sq foot area - it is great for a guest room - but a bit tight as a living quarters

I have functioned with these two shelves for 8 months
Today I finally have cupboards !!! Didn't get the lower cabs in - but it is a start



  1. Mary, Doesn't progress make you feel good - those cabinets look really great, I love the simplicity of them, xv.

  2. oh my goodnes, i can TOTALLY relate-- I go from mopping up major builder dirt and grime in one room, to rolling out area rugs and then focusing on the tiniest little detail-- placing a small vase on a window sill... as if that vase is going to make any difference in the grand chaos surrounding it.

    but, you know... somehow it does?

    anyway your cabs look great! and it also seems like you have such pretty glassware- I love the blues.

  3. Really nice! Fun to see all your progress, Mary!

  4. Happy, Happy!! Great cabinets- love the door detail. Is the panel inset or is it raised, I can't tell from the photo. I really like the width of the boards in the panel, not too small.
    In such a big project, every little accomplishment is a BIG Victory!
    Woo-Hoo! Yay for You!! j.

  5. Bravo!!

    You're not ADD, you're VERSATILE. Yeah!

    Have fun expanding into your cupboards!

  6. A D D my A S S....

    You'se talented and efficient and a go getter!

  7. YOU ARE ALL SO RIGHT ...AND THANK YOU!! I needed a little Cher (slap) "Snap outtavit" So for the rest of the day I am posting the small victories. I just keep telling myself - "I am VERSATILE"

  8. This little kitchen is too adorable AND you are doing it all yourself. xoxo


This is a huge project - your interest in St. Marys keeps me energized and I love hearing from you