Thursday, March 12, 2009


I would always laugh when the kids would tease me and tell me I "had issues" ....... well, after unpacking these boxes of shop inventory I would have to admit that I had "tassel issues" - oh, yeah.

I love these with the bee-skip on the top and little bumble bees buzzing around.

Back to the studio!


  1. I'm thinking you'll have a fab "fun closet" or a great eBay/Esty store? What do you think? (The bees are great!)

  2. WOWZA...just WHAT do ya do with those tassels, Mary??? Hmmmm??? (said in a church lady voice)

  3. I remeber going through a tassel phase. I hung them on everything. Fortunately I pared them down and didn't need tassel therapy!

    Yours are gorgeous!

  4. Oh c'mon. Who doesn't have tassel issues?

  5. Okay Ladies

    Every one of you made me laugh out loud !! that's what it's all about after all
    Thank You Thank You

  6. Oh Mary,

    I could have a hay-day with your tiaras and tassels! If you ever sell any let me know. lol..

    Could you just imagine my husband face if I started to walk around with one on my head tossing a tassel or two?!!

  7. Oh decorating issues.... now there's a post! My name is Joan and I have sofa issues and lampshade issues. There I said it outloud (so to speak/type!) I've had three sofas custom made (I designed them)only to get them home and remove the back cushions... Lampshades, I love lampshades and buy them for lamps I do not have!

    Tassels and tiaras, at least yours take up less space!! Love the "bee-skip" and the bumble bees!

  8. I love tassels - I must have issues too Mary. Have a wonderful weekend, xv.

  9. I love tassels! Maybe you can hang them on the doorknobs in your house to spice them up? I've seen that done here in Paris and it's great.


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