Sunday, March 8, 2009


Such a gloomy day here.......and after reading comments to my last post I realized I was falling into the old habits.......waiting and WANTING things to be done. I have to relish the small things - so that's what I am going to do for the rest of the day !

This is my favorite painting done by my girlfriend Barbara - The Little Geisha was my gift when I left Laguna.

I love coral - always have........I know it goes in and out of fashion - but I am a junkie, can't help myself and I'll always be addicted. I have these pulls on my closet doors.

This morning I hung the shade over my bed - after scraping and cleaning the ancient glass block window....WOO HOO
another small job done!

As some of you know I spent some years working in Anguilla and kept an apartment there for awhile. This little guest suite where I am living is where all things Caribbean have come to rest. Normally orange, hot pink and aqua blue would not be in my living quarters - but it worked at the beach !!

I love these beaded lampshades in the stylized coral pattern.....I am a bit of a magpie.
Need to find new bases for them - but at least I found the shades !

Another small victory!

more to come............


  1. Hey, your churchy home is starting to come together, Mary! Fun!

  2. Yes, we must relish the small things! Good for you!
    I love the Geisha girl painting- very well executed!
    Love red coral. And you're very 'in' right now! I have a large collection of white coral; love, love coral!!
    I love hot pink and orange together. And I too love a beaded shade, I have several amber ones that are so pretty. At least I think they were pretty... hard to remember after a year and two months of being packed away.... j.

  3. I love the colors! Where are the crowns?


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