Sunday, March 8, 2009


Still unpacking and sorting in the studio......
let's talk TIARAS. Can't have too many ! Sometimes I wore them cleaning house - ( in a ballgown......). I always had an assortment at the shop for that last minute birthday lunch

so far I have found eight.

The supply of vintage hats is endless

I've unpacked most of the wooden blocks so I can begin to prepare for the big clearence

they all need a bit of TLC

another of my favorite models

the taupe hat with ribbons was one made by Grandma - my aunt found it at Goodwill.

The studio is 15 x 28 and one end will be for all my hats and supplies. I LOVED making hats .... there is not a big demand for them these days - but I will always be prepared !

I haven't even begun to unpack the ribbons - they will make you weep. I have a fair stash of both new and vintage trims , some are even left from my mom and grandma.

I love this photo of Grandma - it was in the early sixties and this is the shop where I would decorate the windows with Genevieve.

I will do posts about Carolyn Hats some day soon - but on my other site - on the Verandah.


  1. Ohhh... Mary I need to get myself one of those tiaras!
    That is fun to be cleaning with one on your head wearing a ball gown!! I love all the vintage hats especially knowing they were made by your grandma!

    Wait did I read this correctly you also have r-i-b-b-o-n?!! Another fav of mine. I said I want to be buried in all my ribbon someday! I haven't been lucky to find vintage yet. Please share some pictures. I would enjoy seeing them. You are so my kind of gal crowns and ribbon! LOL...

    Your studio is going to look so neat with all of those hats! Keep sharing the pictures I love them~ xoxo

  2. I think I am obsessed with that photo of your grandmother. She looks like such an amazing woman! Love the sensible hair, black glasses and big white collar on the dress -- it's very Prada, in a way. What is she holding?

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  4. Wow - I just deleted is Monday. Lisa, she is holding a hat - it looks like a satin toque with a huge cabbage rose and veiling. Very typical of the day. And yes, she was amazing.

  5. It must be so much fun rediscovering all your stuff.

    Like you I love hats and head thingies. I have one tiara that I still wear whenever I feel like it. You have eight? I bow to your mightiness!

  6. What goodies you have in your boxes Mary - such fun unpacking these. xv

  7. Oh! Those hats...amazing! Must feel like Christmas! And put on a tiara as you unpack!!

  8. oh, i think i need a tiara for my house cleaning!!!
    I love vintage hats, now that my hair is short it is much easier to wear hats. (i had way too much hair before,)


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