Tuesday, June 23, 2009


SO... I am constucting this structure for all the pole beans and the gourds - dipper gourds and birdhouse gourds. The arbors were purchased for display in my shop. They are cheap and rickety.... ..so I am making a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

I am adding extra support and plastic fencing along the bottom 36". I am hoping to make it strong to endure the winter.

And , of course, you have seen my piano guts at the end of the tunnel.

I have one more section to go - and just in time as the seedlings are reaching, reaching, reaching

but it was WAY too hot today


  1. Mary, you are one busy gal. Having fun yet?

    Hot here, too. Garden a little...rest a little...garden a little...cool down...

  2. Hello Mary,

    It is looking great - you have been a busy girl!

    It is also sunny and hot here, too hot for painting!

    Bon courage,


  3. Mary this is going to be breathe taking once your little seedlings start to climb. I'm thinking you could rent out your garden a beautiful backdrop for wedding pictures. Beautiful my friend! xoxo

  4. It's going to look great! I bet you're tired at the end of the day! Stay cool and drink lots of water...or margs-- your choice!!

  5. Man O man...you are moving along, eh?

    What an amazing place you have!!


This is a huge project - your interest in St. Marys keeps me energized and I love hearing from you