Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Several of you have asked about the sculptor I mentioned in my Versailles post; he does not have a website but here are links to some articles about him. His name is Ellis Nelson and he is well known in the area. I have a dear friend who is moving and had an estate sale last weekend and she advertised an Ellis Nelson for sale........people lined up hours in advance - the first man in line snatched it and left a lot of sad faces behind him....mine included.

So if anyone wants a sculpture......stop by the church for lunch and then pop on over to the Morel Capitol of the World ( !!! ) and meet Ellis.

When my friends John and Karen, were here last September they bought a big snail and sent him back to CA to live on the deck.


  1. How I would love to come visit the church, drink some tea and talk with you! That would be a blast.

  2. What a fantastic project. Thanks for stopping by my blog and letting me know about yours!!

  3. Thanks Mary! When I'm in the area I will for sure stop in. xoxo

  4. Hello Mary,
    I am off for a look at the sculptures...the snail sounds like fun, xv.


This is a huge project - your interest in St. Marys keeps me energized and I love hearing from you