Sunday, June 7, 2009


Again, I am hiding vents. I have planted all types of lilies along with echinaccea, sedum and herbs: mint, dill, sage, oregano, five different basils, chives....... I am sure there will be more.

also fennel, green onions and white onions

I LOVE tomatoes - I have six different heirlooms plus a variety for sauces and canning . Twelve different types, seventeen bushes total

Swiss chard in the bright colors

This is Linda's jalapeno

Zuchinni squash and yellow squash

also green bush beans and wax bush beans,
cucumbers and beets for pickling


The first thing in the ground was rhubarb - a gift from a friend's garden. My first lesson : "Look Up" I planted it in a perfect location, I thought ....I didn't know that you had to look"up". I had put it under a tree limb where the birds all love to sit - and poop.

So, I moved it here.

I am Vegan - and have a true distrust of chemicals in my food. Truly, why do we have a cancer epidemic? That's for another blog.........but you can understand why the planning of my own organic garden makes me positively giddy. I've had great help from my new friends here -the members of the Bloom City Garden Club. They generously share their knowledge and their plants !


  1. Mary, Mary quite contrary...

    Can't wait to see this a few months from now. You've been busy! :^)

  2. Mary, I just found you from "I Need A Martini Mom's blog". Hopefully, this will make sense. You posted such a lovely response to her post for today. It touched my heart because you know that feeling of loss, when you just wish you had your Mom back!
    It was a beautiful post!

    and by the way, I love what you are doing at this church! The church is lovely too! I'll come back and see your progess, St. Mary!

  3. I love your garden and everything in it!!
    What's a "Linda jalapeno"?
    I so agree with you about all the chemicals... We have wonderful farmers markets here and lots of orgainic produce! I am also thrilled that even Costco is selling so many more organic items! It's a good thing!
    Five differnt basils? Wonderful, I love basil! Rosemary is probably my most used herb.

  4. Loving your collection of herbs and veggies. So healthy! And a Vegan...good for some of your fave herb and veggie recipes for us!

    Happy gardening, Mary!

  5. Tomatoes, jalapeno...mmm, salsa. Tomatoes with five different basils...mmm, bruschetta. Oh, you have been busy. Your garden will be marvelous. Can't wait to see it later in the summer.

    I also look forward to reading your blog on chemicals on food.

  6. You are so ambitious with all the vegetables! I'm impressed. I have a few herb plants but all the other plants are non-culinary in our yard.

  7. The garden is beautiful! Makes me hungry....yum!!

    Looking forward to watching your garden mature as summer moves forward.

    Cancer epidemic? Food is part of the problem, also water and many many many environmental carcinogenics in everything from plastic bottles to the chemicals they use on carpets to auto interiors, etc. etc. It's all about us.

    I am not a vegan, but I'm careful about what I eat. Mostly I'm grateful that I'm so healthy.

  8. thanks for share.It become beautiful plant if you taking care more. great picture. See you on my blog to share information.

  9. This will be a fantastic garden Mary...xv


This is a huge project - your interest in St. Marys keeps me energized and I love hearing from you