Saturday, September 27, 2008


And WET !

February 2008


my future watercloset in the loft

laundry room

During the torrential rains of August my builder pumped 80 gallons of water out of one corner in the basement. After months of construction and a long break over the holidays - it was time to insulate. We consulted with several and finally came up with a plan. Due to the greatest snowfalls since records were kept, we had many starts and stops - but finally got the place tightened up.

Closed-cell, waterproof spray-on foam insulation went in below ground level...... open cell, spray-on foam insulation above ground and blown-in cellulose in the attic. I had bats in my belfry for over 150 years so you can imagine what they had to clean out first. I stayed in bed that day, too.

In this main room, where there was some old fake paneling (can't even use the word "faux"),
the crew cut holes and then filled the cavities with the foam. In those areas where I said you could see daylight - this foam insulation would expand and ooze through those cracks on the newly painted lady has taken on the appearance of something from a horror movie. I'll have to get photos before knocking it all down.

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