Thursday, September 25, 2008


July 2007

Who says big girls don't cry ? After all that unloading and unpacking - I was informed that a semi needed to be rented and everything had to come out of the church

"You would cry too if it happened to you"

It was my birthday ......
I said I wanted an I POD -
not an I-BEAM

How do you get a 40' steel I- beam into a basement? I am sure they fished it through the 15" window - but I couldn't watch - I think I stayed in bed that day. Sometimes you just have to accept that ignorance IS bliss. It took many weeks to deal with this curve thrown to me.....first there were the deep 4' square footings, then the whole new concrete floor. All existing venting was removed so the new floor joists could be placed between each tree trunk. Next came the new steel support posts ...they are adjustable - like a vertical shower rod. Then the steel beams were brought in and the whole upper floor was raised and leveled as best it could be. It is still uneven but at least it is solid. I walked through the job with the guys as they explained everything and I said "So I could have Riverdance in here now?" Yes - I can. And finally - due to the thickness of the new basement floor both staircases needed to be rebuilt as the bottom risers no longer met code. THAT WAS NOT IN THE PLAN.

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