Wednesday, September 24, 2008


JuLY 2007
"We think we found out why the floor is saggng..."

FINALLY - some answers !! Although I was certainly NOT prepared for what I saw. The church was resting on tree trunks - with the bark still on them ! And one hand hewned beam down the middle about as straight as a corkscrew.

The Church was built down by the river ( I can never say that without having a secret laugh with Chris Farley) in the 1840's. But the banks were erroding each year and so the building was moved inland to this site in 1870. We think it must have been rolled up the street on these very logs and moved onto the foundation. YIKES

The project takes a quantum leap


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This is a huge project - your interest in St. Marys keeps me energized and I love hearing from you