Friday, October 3, 2008


My "pre-birthday" dinner was a classy affair in the midst of the rubble - ending with a FINE birthday cake from Dairy Queen.

Hey - we worked hard all day
we earned it

note my mom's antique goblet in the foreground

she was with us too

Meghan did a great job helping with the floors
she's a natural

Carrie worked in my studio
these are the old upper cabinets from the Church Ladies kitchen. I took off the doors and was going to paint them white - but I ran out of time and - who cares? I'm just going to fill every inch of them with junk anyway ........ yeah, but it's good junk!

grouting is messy!! - and now I feel guilty for all those times over the last 35 years that I made some guy use two different colors of grout........

of course I'll still do it.

It's my birthday and the rule is - I get to choose the activities for the whole day

WOOHOO - sun's out - let's GARDEN

okay - the weeds got away from me a bit - no, I'm not on my knees -

we'd had a big storm and some huge limbs broke off the tree trimmer was no match for the branch........neither of them

I have never mowed a lawn....I'm working up to it. In the meantime we just whack down the stuff any way we can.

For a group that had to wash their hair in the kitchen sink.....I think we clean-up mighty fine.

We are off to the big city to meet my brother Tim and sister(in-law) Gail for my birthday dinner.

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