Friday, October 3, 2008


Meghan arrives and is starving so we stop for dinner on the way home - she is mesmerized by the digital photo in our booth - or maybe it was just jet lag.

Also - we stopped for dinner because we have no appliances....manana


the next morning we get a stove and refrigerator - this is in the little kitchen in the lower level guest suite where there used to be the HUGE Church Ladies kitchen.

You see we got just enough tile grouted so we won't have to move these things again.

after we picked up Meg - we stopped for gas....I got fuel - Meg bought junk food and Carolyn brought home a dairy'll see more of Bessie later.

They each bring something different to the table - always have and always will !

Luckily Meghan was so exhausted the fact that we were "camping" without window shades made no difference to her - but it was the first order of business the next day.

Little did she know that 6 hours earlier she didn't even have a bed

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