Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I have guests arriving from SoCal this month so I need to get crackin' on this guest suite on the main floor. I can't get away with mattresses on the floor like I did with the girls.

The shower is tiled......the top row is a little rough 'cause I'm short ( and getting shorter every year apparently) and it was too when you come for a visit - just don't look up.

Not grouted yet...

yes - I bought a jig-saw. I am a woman with power tools. I also bought a belt .... well, it's not really a full tool belt like the guys wear because that would just be cocky - it's more like a holster.

I used the sink as a template but doesn't it look like a huge hard hat?

I found this cabinet that used to hold a television and put the sink in that - I sanded down the top and now need some bling for the handles. Also will have to re-fit the insides - take out the speakers and put in a shelf........

but it works for now !


  1. mom the sink and tile look great, you are seriously amazing!

  2. After having traveled from California to sleep in the California Suite and used this bathroom, I have to agree with cupcake carrie on the awesomeness of the lady of the house (church?).


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