Sunday, October 26, 2008


I had three amazing things happen this weekend:

#1 It was Homecoming Weekend at the UW and I went to the game. Last year I had to catch the special trolley for people who couldn't walk to the stadium and then take the elevator to the upper deck - only for those who couldn't walk up the huge ramp. THIS year ......... I walked the 7 blocks from where we parked the car and up the huge multi-level ramp and up to our upper deck seats. I try not to dwell on the whole cancer thing .... but this was such a huge accomplishment ..... I just BEAMED. I was with the same friends I went with last year and they saw the difference as well and it was just - well -wonderful.

#2 WE WON.
#3 I came home and the semi was GONE !!
I am only sad that I wasn't home to take a picture - you know how you see a friend and know something is different but can't quite put your finger on it ? And then you realize they shaved their moustache that they have had forever? I turned the corner and thought there was a change - but it took me a few minutes to realize ...........THE SEMI IS GONE.

John and Jessica and their dad came to help me take down the old ramp.

and at the end of all that hard work - they got to go to a great Halloween party.


  1. mommy that's awesome!!!! great job and so exciting about the trailer. tell jessica and john i said hi :)

  2. What a fabulous weekend! It is evident that my efforts at getting your wireless network working are bearing fruit. Congratulations on the progress you have been making on the restoration.

  3. Hello there friend...St. Mary is looking just GRAND! Glad to see that you are doing great!


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