Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I was sad after the girls left - who wouldn't be? They are such a tonic for me. Of course we have a complete role reversal now .........they left me with all sorts of instructions - don't do this, don't do that .. lock the doors, don't climb the big ladder. HA

I had several trips to Chicago in August for some design work and took advantage of that time to have the floor done in the main room.

Unfortunately the runner down the center aisle of the church and in front of the altar had been glued down. It took HOURS to get that black spongy backing off the floor. You can see faintly where the wood is lighter - that was the runner.

This photo gives a good sense of proportion - the bead board wainscot is 36" high - entry door is a standard 6'8" - my new doors are 8' and the big window at the end which was originally the exterior wall of the front of the church is about 12'6".

I feel like I should have a big dance before I mess it all up with furniture.

The floors were not "stripped" - they were just refurbished. All the years of scrapes and spills are still visible and I like it that way. There are a few patches and weak spots but we all have those , right?

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