Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The truck is EMPTY !! I can't believe it. This dining table top was the last thing. Some of you will remember fabulous dinners on this table - it is ten feet long and weighs a TON.

I had girlfriend JJ and sister(in-law) Gail volunteer to spend a day helping me - I don't think they had any idea what that would involve.

Luckily my son Matt was visiting for a few days because I was basically useless. In fact - they told me to get out of the way.

You know -
I think I could have been SOME help........

that right side could have used me.

Anyway - it is all in the church and I can begin unpacking and sorting.... there are things here that I haven't seen in years -it's like Christmas.

The chairs are back.

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  1. HOORAY!!!!!!! wow, i didn't know matt got to hang out and help too, very cool.


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